Friday, May 20, 2011

all my life

All my life.. Reunion of my high school makes me remember all the sweet sour memories when I'm with my buddies. Enjoy laa guys hangout with you guys. I'll remember it :) let's do it more. (Ape pun tak buleh, alaakk alak alak..) Haha. total guys yang hangout sekali=7 all together. Place=pee dee batu 4. :)


Hai! Bloggers..

Monday, May 9, 2011


fast to furious 5 . include today, there been 5 days tiket asyik penuh jee. me and my buddies can't see the the movie. so, sad. :( . but look at the bright side, we can save our moneys on other important things such that, we can spent on food or what so ever. but still, nak tengok jugak cite tu. if not i'll be frustrated. :( waaaaa~
be cool man. hish, apa la abdil haiyan ni. dah dah, aku dah merepek. hem, back to the movie things, wish me luck for tomorrow ticket. hope ada la ticket esok.
nyte guys. :D

Sunday, May 8, 2011


first of all, happy mother's day to all mothers on the earth. i donno what to say actually, just updating my blog . this 1st june i've got practical job in seremban. during that time, what is playin in my mind is, that i'm goin to do two jobs in a day. im curious to know how is it feel to do two jobs in one day. this idea came from my friend. i called him k' . k' suggestin me to work at jusco's shopppin complex at FOS store. after doing some thinking. ive decided to do the jobs in a day. morning practicalling and in afternoon FOS store. not confirm yet either to work there or not. it'll be a second thought though. haha. i think i'll survive for a week. it'll be tiring. all my body will go loose. just wanna know how it feel hard to get a money. so, i'll learn to appreciate things more. wish me luck.
hope you guys (my dais's friend) will get through this practical things successfully.

wanna know something, i'm tired of being bored. so, gimme an idea what to do that fun and not involving money. cause i'm going save it for something else. :D will update more.
give comments. sorry cause not updating my blog a lot.
i'm lazy person. -__-''

will update more soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

its been while since my last updated status

its been while since my last updated status. rite guys. sorry. it is because my lappy get broke . so, im not having enough time to write my blog. hem. :( today, i'm going to tell you guys bout my friend's girlfriend. we call her sasa. donno why. i'm just follow my friend by callin her sasa. haha. her family sangat sporting. siap ada sesi ucapan bagai. macam semangat pun ada jugak. but still they have a great family. seronok lepak dengan family die. but the most worst part is entering her house . sasa's house sangat sangat scary. her house's environment penuh dengan hutan jee. sampai theft can come easily to their house. siap bagi salam laa. cause their house sangat sunyi. nak buat suprise tu pun fikir due kali. haha. moment nak buat suprise tu kiteorang hidin' behind their mommy's mercedes. sangat kelakar. siap hidin' semua. penuh dengan agenda hidin je laa. lepas hidin behind mercedes tu. hidin lagi inside their house. belakang tabir. hish! -___-' pening betul layan member aku sorang ni. tak pela as long die happy. haiyooo. :D happy birthday to sasa.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

being busy lately

sorry since so long i'm not updating my blog. so, nothing to read. it is cause i'm busy with my final paper examination. hate to say this. but i think my final paper's result will be a disaster. shit! i x boleh answer all the question that being given to me. it is because i haven't read and do exercises. :( very very regret mood now. hish!what if i fail for this semester examination. i don't want to repeat any paper. cause this semester subject i dislike it. hmph! tak suke subjek sem ni. wish me tak repeat sem ni yee rakan rakan. sayang korang. :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Emptiness Will Haunt You

the title doesn't related with any of my story. like always the title sound wonderful and scary. haha. macam mana tu. hem, i wanna tell you alls that my classes end today. from now on. i just need to face book for 24 hours. need to start study earlier. cause gap between all my final paper maximum pun 2 days jee. little rite. :D walau pun happy face. dalam hati tuhan jee yang tahu kann. hem, tawakal je la banyak banyak. need a lot of support to study cause lately sifat malas i have increasing to the paling maximum punye position. hish -__-" ! macam mane ni?! also, my emotion cannot dibendung lagi. this semester i have 5 final papers to take. how ever. i'll try harder to get 3.5 and above in order to make my mom happy. she helped me with a lot of things lately. i rasa sangat serba salah with her. pray for me kay you alls. :D
need to rush for my blackberry to.  but i think it will only be in my dream je laa kot kan. cause i have no confidence that i'll get my 4 pointer. only in dream je laa der. haha. wish me luck for my finals kay. i'll work harder.